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- Carly Zimmerman, Chair of Women of Vision


My husband, Michael, and I have been reading Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House  books to our daughter before bed. In a recent book, the main characters, Annie and Jack, ages seven and eight, are sent back in time to recover four writings that will help save the kingdom of Camelot.


One of the writings is a sign written in the aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fires. The sign says:


There is no water and still less soap. We have no city, but lots of hope.


Annie and Jack bring the sign back to their home in Frog Creek, PA and present it to a down and out King Arthur. Jack encourages the king, sharing that, “…when you’ve lost everything, you can still have hope.” 


Whether 1906 in San Francisco, or 2022 in Philadelphia, the state of our world feels very scary, and we could all use a reminder that you can still have hope. 


Women of Vision and our collective desire to make significant social change gives me hope each day. As I review the recent grants awarded, I am hopeful that we can increase financial literacy among young women, empower teens to develop leadership skills, and provide comprehensive sexual education to young girls and women. After reading She Said for our Book Review program and hearing from its co-author Megan Twohey during our annual Spring Event, I am hopeful there are more courageous survivors that will tell their stories, so that others won’t experience sexual harassment and abuse. And when 26 new members joined Women of Vision this year, including daughters and granddaughters of current members, I was filled with hope that Women of Vision will continue to do this work for many generations.


I’m also drawing hope from our future leadership. I am excited to share that Andi Barsky will take the baton as Chair of Women of Vision in September 2023. Andi will serve as Chair-Elect as well as the Grants Review Co-Chair this year. I’m grateful she accepted this role and eager to work side by side with her!



Women of Vision is an affinity group of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia focused on advancing the lives of self-identifying Jewish women and girls. For more information about Women of Vision and how to become a member, please click here or contact Shara Swift at sswift@jewishphilly.org.