Are you a podcast fan who wants to explore the fight for racial justice? Learn more about the most important issues of today with one of these great offerings.

NPR’s Talk of the Nation: 'Whistling Vivaldi' And Beating Stereotypes

Talk of the Nation covered some of the most current and controversial issues throughout the show’s 20-year lifespan. In this episode, host Neal Conan interviews Dr. Claude Steele, a social psychologist, about his book “Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do,” which details his research on racial stereotypes and how they shape our society.  

Smartest Person In The Room: Well-Meaning White People

In this episode of Smartest Person in the Room, host Laura Tremaine interviews Melissa Kaplan, the Deputy Superintendent of Education at Bright Star Schools in Los Angeles.  Kaplan discusses the harsh realities of inequities in the American educational system, and how we can confront our own biases. 

NPR’s Code Switch: A Decade Of Watching Black People Die

This episode of Code Switch, NPR’s acclaimed exploration of race and culture, addresses the history of police brutality against African-Americans in light of the death of George Floyd.  

NPR’s White Lies

In this true-crime podcast, hosts Chip Brantley and Andrew Beck Grace uncover the story of Rev. James Reeb, an American pastor and civil rights activist who was brutally murdered in Selma, Alabama in 1965. More than fifty years after his death, Chip and Andrew set out to interview witnesses and catch the killer. This seven-episode series sheds light on many of the same racial issues that plague America today.

1619 by the New York Times

The Pulitzer Prize winning series from Nikole Hannah-Jones takes a deep dive into the history of slavery in the United States and explains how the historical contributions of African-Americans formed the basis of 21st century American society. 

Uncivil by Gimlet Media

Uncivil explores untold stories of the Civil War, revealing a history that’s often left out of textbooks including espionage, mutiny, and corruption. The podcast also takes a critical look at how the divisions of the past have led to the social divisions we face today.

Pass the Mic by The Witness Podcast Network 

Pass the Mic is a weekly current events podcast with a focus on the Black community. Hosts Jemar Tisby and Tyler Burns, alongside their high profile guests, tackle issues such as the current protest movement, the realities of raising black children, and the debate over Confederate monuments.

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