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Growing up, Andrew Klazmer watched his parents build lifelong friendships through the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. He longed for the same experience.


Now 29 years old and an Associate at Klazmer Financial Group, Andrew is a NextGen Executive Board Member and Leadership Development Program graduate. Being a part of the Jewish Federation and its NextGen affinity group solidifies the dream he had of being among a supportive Jewish community while forming his Jewish identity.

Andrew embraces all that NextGen has to offer and recommends anyone looking to be a part of the Greater Philadelphia Jewish community to attend a NextGen event, or to reach out to someone involved in the group.


What are three fun facts about you?

  1. I am an encyclopedia of car knowledge.
  2. I went snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. 
  3. I played High School golf.

How did you first get involved with NextGen and the Jewish Federation?
Growing up I saw the enjoyment my parents had being involved in the Jewish Federation. They made lifelong friends while helping strengthen our Jewish community. I wanted to have this same experience.


Throughout your leadership journey in the Jewish Federation, what has been one of your most memorable experiences?
My most memorable experience was cohosting an awesome NextGen event in the basement of Harp & Crown. We sold out the event and the room was packed. It was a great opportunity for young Jews to meet and build momentum towards future involvement in the Jewish Federation.


What is an organization, program or cause that the Jewish Federation supports that personally resonates with you? 

Our Closet - Powered by JFCS is a program supported by the Jewish Federation that provides the ability for those in need to “shop” for gently used clothing and other items in Greater Philadelphia. I find this extremely valuable because the impact it has is local. It is important that we provide opportunities to help those in need with the tools necessary to get on their feet.


Why do you give to the Jewish Federation?
Being Jewish and having it as my identity is very important to me. I think it is vital that all who are able to support Jewish causes do so to continue strengthening our community. Unfortunately, with antisemitism proliferating, it is a must that we have the Jewish Federation.


What advice would you give to someone who is just starting to get involved in NextGen?
Come to an event or reach out to anyone involved! I have never come across anyone who is not more than willing to chat or meet for a coffee/drink. Be open with how you are looking to become involved and there is no doubt leadership will work to accommodate.



NextGen is the young professional affinity group of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. To learn more about NextGen, please email Max Moline at mmoline@jewishphilly.org and friend us on Facebook.