Always looking to welcome in and engage local young professionals, NextGen’s Co-Chair of the At-Large Board Matti Perilstein believes in the power of community through the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. 

“Whether you are well connected or brand new to Philadelphia, it can be difficult to find where you fit in among the Jewish community, let alone an organization as vast as the Jewish Federation,” said Matti, who lives in Graduate Hospital. “It's important to stress that there is a place for everyone in this network. Our (now virtual) door is always open.”

In addition to her leadership roles on NextGen’s Board, Matti serves on the Jewish Federation’s Israel Engagement Grants Committee and Board of Trustees. Outside of her lay leadership work, she has recently launched her own business as the CEO & Co-Founder of Eternally, Inc., a personalized advance care planning platform that helps adults stay in control of their future care choice.

NextGen chatted with Matti to learn more about her and her relationship with the Jewish Federation:


What are three fun facts about you?

  1. I'm an avid runner I've completed two marathons (and about a dozen half marathons).
  2. I make it a priority to travel to one new place every year (this year I snuck in Sun Valley, ID before the pandemic).
  3. I started a company this year, and one of our first team members was someone I met at a Federation event.


Why did you first get involved with NextGen and the Jewish Federation?

After watching my grandparents, parents, aunt, uncles, and cousins get involved and build lifelong relationships and an incredibly supportive network through the Jewish Federation, I knew that I wanted to contribute in my own way through NextGen.


Throughout your leadership journey in the Jewish Federation, what has been one of your most memorable experiences? Why?

In July 2017, the Jewish Federation gave me the opportunity to join the Israel360 mission. While it was a memorable trip, I came back with a better understanding of how the Jewish Federation in Philadelphia actually makes a difference in the Greater Philadelphia community, Israel, and overseas. The experience made it easy to see where and how I could get involved and support the programs that Federation was already running.


What advice would you give to someone who is just starting to get involved in NextGen?

Get involved in a genuine way. If you are doing something that you feel good about, you'll be more likely to stay connected. After returning from Israel360, I was able to join the Ben Gurion Society (BGS) and keep up with the Jewish Federation by attending their events. It was a small first step, but I continued to stay connected by learning about the Jewish Federation's work through the political and social leaders they brought in to speak to BGS.

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