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The global prevalence of anxiety and depression increased by 25 percent since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the World Health Organization. May is designated as National Mental Health Awareness Month, which aims to eliminate the stigma around mental illness, support mental wellness practices and advocate for a better mental healthcare system.


The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia continuously strives toward building a more accepting, diverse and inclusive future. Through the organization’s commitment to enhance and expand social services, the Jewish Federation supports local agencies focused on assisting those with mental illnesses and their families. These partnerships, such as the following programs, help ensure that anyone affected by mental illness has access to the resources they need to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.


In addition to training high school students from vulnerable populations in the periphery area of Israel to become drone operators, the Lehavim Drone Program combines technical skills with critical thinking skills. Students also meet with counselors to deal with emotional, social and family-related issues which can undermine motivation and affect the ability to achieve.


Israel Trauma Coalition for Response and Preparedness (ITC)
ITC provides direct trauma care and counseling to help community members cope with crises, including the residual effects in the aftermath of attacks in Israel. The organization also offers psychosocial services to individuals, families and communities to develop resilience to economic insecurity and potential homelessness.


Jewish Family and Children's Service of Greater Philadelphia (JFCS) 

The JFCS Holocaust Survivor Support program provides trauma-informed and holistic services to low-income aging Holocaust survivors so that they can remain in their homes and live with independence and safety. These programs help alleviate isolation, preserve a sense of community and enhance the quality of life.


Jewish Learning Venture (JLV)

The Engaging Underrepresented Communities program works with families with children who have been historically underrepresented or marginalized within the Jewish community and pairs them with educators, therapists and advocates.


Tikvah/Advocates for the Jewish Mentally Ill (AJMI) Social Program
Tikvah AJMI is a grassroots organization committed to improving the quality of life for adults living with mental illness. This program provides opportunities for those living with mental illness and their loved ones to participate in education, group therapy and social events which provide a sense of community.


Tikvah Residence
JEVS Human Services operates the Tikvah Residence program, an apartment building that helps maintain a safety net for individuals living with disabilities related to mental health diagnoses. The program offers opportunities for peer socialization, community and/or work involvement, healthcare oversight, improved access to community resources, and more. Tikvah Residence also engages local community members impacted by mental illness with programming and engagement.



Did You Know?


33% of Jewish households in Greater Philadelphia included someone living with a mental health condition, according to the Jewish Federation’s 2019 population study.

Addressing the needs within our communities, the Jewish Federation has allocated:

  • $1.2 Million in Jewish Community Fund grants in FY2022 toward programs focused on mental health care and wellness
  • $350,000 in emergency relief funding during the pandemic to help agencies address mental health needs



You can help the the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia build a more accepting, diverse and inclusive future by making a gift here.