Passover is among the most popular Jewish rituals in America. And what’s not to love? Gathered together with loved ones, we retell a phenomenal story, accompanied by four questions, four cups of wine, a wonderful meal, an afikomen hunt, an invisible prophet who stops in to say hi, and lots of discussion and singing. Sure enough, our Jewish Federation’s recent population study confirmed our affection: 61% of our Greater Philadelphia Jewish community attends Passover Seder.

So what happens now, in this global pandemic, when we can’t leave home to attend Seder? The answer: Our Jewish community gets creative.

To help you with your holiday needs in this exceptional year, we’ve put together a Passover Resource Guide including:

  • Guidelines from the Board of Rabbis on Seder and food practices this year
  • Virtual community Seders you can “attend” online
  • Webinars for hosting your own Seder
  • Grocery stores selling Passover foods, including information on curbside pickups, delivery options and “senior hours”
  • Kosher caterers
  • Family-fun Passover videos and online storybooks

Whether you celebrate in solitude this year, with those in your home quarantine or in a virtual group, being in a community means you never need to feel alone. A Zissen Pesach!

For our Passover Resource Guide, click here. For more Jewish Federation resources for COVID-19, click here.