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Rebecca Krasner had the opportunity to speak with Polly Edelstein of Tribe12 earlier this month. This is an excerpt of their conversation.


Rebecca Krasner: Polly, what does a typical day look like for you?


Polly Edelstein: A typical day doesn’t exist! Having said that, my day may include working with coworkers to plan and implement fun and exciting events, working to facilitate the Fellowship (our leadership and entrepreneurial program, email me if you have an idea you want to grow!), meeting with constituents, hosting an event for our “Tribes” (smaller affinity groups), and scouring Philly for cool new venues where we can connect with others. And, of course, many, many emails!


RK: Lucky you! It sounds like despite the pandemic there is still so much happening at Tribe12! Can you share with us one upcoming event that you want the Center City Jewish community to be aware of.


PE: As a past Fellow I’m biased, but our Fellowship is one of the coolest things about Tribe 12! Using a design thinking curriculum, we help entrepreneurs take an idea from point A to point B (whatever that means to them) by giving them the hard and soft skills to personally and professionally develop as a leader and entrepreneur in the Philadelphia Jewish community. Applications are closed until the fall but reach out anytime (polly@tribe12.org) if you want to learn more!


RK: I know some of the best programs and innovations in Philly are the result of Tribe12’s Fellowship. In closing, can you share your favorite spot in Philly?


PE: Citizens Bank Park which is where the Tribe 12 Fellowship Launch Night will occur (tickets are free/pay what you can and on sale now!). I love to go to a Phillies game but more than that, I love the atmosphere of the Phillies games + getting to eat ballpark snacks while watching some baseball and enjoying the view of Philadelphia. I’m also a sucker for the 50/50 they do at games and the virtual ringing bell when the Phillies score a home run!


RK: Thank so much, Polly. It was great to connect about Tribe12 and all the great work you and your team are doing right now.



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