Located in the northwest Negev desert, our Jewish Federation’s Partnership2Gether region is at the edge of the Gaza border, within range of mortar shells and Quassam rockets launched from the Gaza strip. Since 2005, the area has been heavily shelled with thousands of rockets, and the children of Netivot and Sedot Negev have spent many days and weeks "quarantined" in community bomb shelters or safe rooms in their homes. 

They are normally in our thoughts as terror attacks keep them in hiding, but today, we are in theirs as a few of these young shelter-at-home experts from Kibbutz Alumim decided to film advice and reassurance for our kids during COVID-19. 

Their time-tested tips include:

  • It's ok to be scared, ask an adult to explain the situation and what you can do to take precautions
  • Make a daily schedule, it can help keep you on track
  • It may be boring, but there is plenty to do at home like singing, dancing, talking on the phone, playing a board game, reading, cooking, and more - get creative!

From our neighbors here in Philadelphia to our brothers and sisters in Israel, we are truly in this together. 

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