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We learned the process of decision making and brainstorming, known as: The Journey of Bread and Water. Or at the beginning stage of our leadership skills, this process was known to be: The Journey of Milk and Cookies.

by Mayah Nossbaum

On November 18th, Diller Teen Fellows met at Adath Jerusalem in Elkins Park for a leadership workshop. This workshop was very important, as we learned the process of decision making and brainstorming. What is the importance of this process, and why is it named the way it is, The Journey of Bread and Water? Well, as you may know, bread and water are the basic necessities of life. This process, or journey, will allow the Diller Teen Fellows to review the necessary steps and processes for creating the reality they may hope to see in their future. Not only will this journey help their own personal lives, but the hope is to help them in fulfilling dreams for the world as well.

There are six steps included in the Journey of Milk and Cookies. The first step is known as the mission. The mission addresses the question, “why this central task?”. We then learned Diller’s mission which is to build the next generation of committed Jewish leaders.

The second step is known as the vision, where we address the question “where do we strive to get to?”. We learned that there are three fundamental components of a vision, those being: having a central task, having an organizational identity and having values. With those components in mind, the vision for Diller is to have a global network of Jewish leaders, with a lifetime commitment to their communities, Israel, the Jewish people, and to make the world a better place.

With the mission and vision in mind, the third step, having a goal, comes along. The function of a goal is simple, “how?”. One must deconstruct the vision’s main components and central ideas. Diller came up with a few goals themselves: fellows will demonstrate a deep personal pride in being Jewish, or fellows will value diverse expressions of ideas, beliefs and practices.

The next question that comes to mind is, “what actually needs to be accomplished?”. This question addresses the objective step. Objectives must be clear, attainable, measurable and time bound in order for a vision to be successful.

With all of these steps to be accomplished, a Diller teen fellow must be very responsible and assign individual roles throughout the process. Lastly, an evaluation is required for the Fellows to determine how close they are to actualizing their vision.

Why did we learn about this journey at this specific time? Well, we are planning an overnight Shabbaton to Pinemere camp in February. Having learned about this specific journey, at this specific time, allows us to have a full idea of how we are supposed to plan out our upcoming event, that is all Fellow lead!

This workshop has taught me, personally, many things for my future. Each individual step of the Journey of Milk and Cookies taught me to think before I take actions. One must make sure that all plans and brainstorming is done, in order for an action to be complete.